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About Tini
What are your favourite things about being from Argentina?

I’m so proud of my home country. Obviously I love my family and friends, but also the people of Argentina in general. Argentine people are so friendly and warm. Then there’s the Argentine tradition of “asado” I love it!

When did you know you wanted to be a singer/performer?

I think before I could talk! I think I always knew it, I’ve always had music on in the background, always wanted to dance at any opportunity, always drove my parents mad putting on shows for them with my friends! I still sing in front of the mirror with a towel on my head and a hairbrush for a microphone.

What does Music mean to you?

Well…what can I say. Music is an escape for me. When I listen to music I feel free, secure, happy. It’s my form of expression.

What other talents do you have other than singing and performing?

Sleeping!! No, joking :) Mmmmm, I think I’m good at doing my friends hair and make-up! I love doing that stuff, im quite girly. (I am also very good at sleeping though! I really can sleep anywhere!)

Global teen sensation Tini (Martina) Stoessel is an Argentine actress, singer, dancer and model, signed to Hollywood Records. She is best known for her role as Violetta in the Disney Channel series of the same name. Born in Buenos Aires in 1997, Tini was discovered in an open casting at the age of fourteen. She has gone onto huge success, winning two Kids’ Choice Awards for ‘Best Female Newcomer’ in Argentina and Columbia. Tini’s TV show aired in 130 countries, has 1.4 billion YouTube views and she has performed live to a total of over 2 million fans worldwide. She also went on to star in her first feature film ‘Tini: El Gran Cambio de Violetta’ in 2016.


Tini lives at home in Buenos Aires with her parents, brother and beloved dog, Olga.